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Marek Zak

My web site presents large format landscape photographs only. During my trip around the world, I collected over 50 large format photographs, with Linhof Technikardan (4 x 5), and Ebony (8 x 10). Then, I can fix them together in Photoshop, which gives me huge “virtual slides” – therefore, I am able to make prints like 230 x 600 cm, or even bigger – with very high resolution. Some of them are already prepared for presentation and sale. Most of the photographs are not so big, rather from 60 x 75 cm to 80 x 200 cm, though.

The most fascinating motives I have found in Canada, but also in Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. There is something about the vastness, power, and majesty in nature that can comfort you, that helps you to refresh your batteries. In my opinion, canadian landscape is not possibly the most beautiful in the whole world, but also has the best therapeutic effect. It gives you emotional healing, through the involuntary attention, courtesy of Mother Nature. Now, it is good idea to freeze the moment with help of a picture, which allows you to bring the outdoor beauty - along with landscape-therapy - to your home. So, in a way, I am kind of a landscape-therapist.

Because I used to live im Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, there is - at least for now - more pictures from province Ontario than from the other canadian provinces. And, since I want to make some trips across Canada yet, there will be more pictures of canadian landscape in the future.

On the other hand, I don’t consider myself as a “photographer”, but as “traveller”, therefore I use the french-canadian word “voyageur” (voyageurs were the trapers, travelling across Canada with canoes, full of fur). And I am also a keen music player. My favourite musician is Jimi Hendrix, since his compositions are branded as varied and precise. His attitude towards art is for me an artistic role model. That’s why I have learned many of his songs to play and sing, and sometimes I take my guitar to the remote places, to play his tunes over there. So, strangely, by choosing motives, I am much more inspired by musicians, than by other photographers, or painters.

The prices of the pictures are similar to those of other photographers. I am not using frames, to avoid distraction from the main subject. There is an information given by each picture, about approximate maximal size avaiable in high resolution, yet.

Pictures may be made either as real photographs, glued on dibond, under acrylic glass (or similar), or as laminated prints, glued to cardboards, plastic etc., and these are obviously cheaper. For the time being, a laminated print on 2 cm thick honeycomb cardboard in size 60 x 80 cm would cost around €uro 130, - and 60 x 140 cm would cost around €uro 220.