Marek Zak

large format landscape photography

The Crack In Fall, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario
max.size: 220 x 1020 cm

The Crack In Fall, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario
Phenomenal scenery, defined by the presence of some very old rocks, distinguishes Killarney Provincial Park from other parts of Ontario. White quartzite, pink granite and reddish/dark yellow gneiss are the three main rock types colouring this area's landscapes. A series of white quartzite ridges sweeping east to west, the La Cloche Mountains, dominate the park landscape.
Two billion years ago, the La Cloche Mountains were not lofty at all. In fact, they started out as a flat band of eroded sediment layers 11 kilometres thick! Billions of years later, a second rock mass approached slowly, crashing into these thick layers of sediment, causing the layers to buckle pretty high, creating the real mountains once taller than the Rockies, but destroyed later by erosion and glaciers - scraped down to the picturesque rounded hills seen today.
The panorama from the viewpoint "The Crack" includes O.S.A. and Killarney Lakes, La Cloche peaks, those in the middle 408 and 499 meter high, and, to the left, on the horizon, blue-green ribbon of huge Huron Lake.
Pictures (11 Kodak slides 8x10) taken between September 29th and October 4th.